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Remap Files, Exhaust Intake Remap System Stage 2 and Stage 3 tuning by using upgrade race pipes and custom exhausts. All Remap Files and Chiptuning files are custom tuned files

intercooler remap file
exhausts remap file

Remap Files exhaust system chiptuning

Sports CAT DPF

Remap Files Stage 2 engine tuning requires CAT back exhaust intake remap system. On Petrol  removal of the catalytic convertor,  on diesel cars  the removal of diesel particulate filter DPF. To keep MOT inspection and the reduction of emissions, install a sports catalytic convertor and/or DPF.  Less resistance exhaust flow is  suitable for Stage 2 and Stage 3 chiptuning.

cat remap file

Downpipe ceramic heat resistant

Advantage the downpipe is greater engine power output due to a more even and larger flow of exhaust gases. Less Turbo Lag. The turbocharger can reach operating mode much earlier. Downpipe also solves the problem of turbine noise, which is made in the existing DPF when it is removed.

down pipe remap file

Cat-back or full-flow system

1. Cat back system  exhaust system that is installed after the catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter DPF. It is used when you need to keep all of the engine systems stock.
2. Full System replaces the standard exhaust system. Allows you to achieve maximum performance stage 2 stage 3 stage 4 and huge sound. Made of stainless steel.

exhaust remap files

Intake system tuning

Hybrid Turbo Turbo Upgrade

Installed on vehicles with Stage 2 and Stage 3 modifications (or when modifying Stage 1 cars that have unreliable turbos, for example, VAG BKD engines). Turbo upgrade – installation of a non-standard (larger) turbocharger for Stage 3 and above, where there is a need for a significant increase in the amount boost for more BHP.

turbo remap files


Larger surface area with modified design, cooling efficiency increases up to 60% When doing Stage 2 and stage 3,  standard cooling system will not cope with the task of cooling an air mass. The different models of intercoolers and various ways of installation – from mounting them in the standard position or completey new system rework and installation FMIC, TMIC, SMIC.


Panel filter  Cold air intake

Panel filter & Cold air system. Needed for Stage 2 modifications and Stage 3 and higher require a significant increase in airflow from the intake system. Will reduce heat soak. Stage 1 will benefit from a panel filter.


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