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Remap Files Tuning File Service for all makes and models of cars, vans and HGV trucks. Custom tuned Remap Files made to the highest standards for Stage 1 2 3 and more. All Custom tuning Remap Files are bespoke and custom tuned.

Remap Files offers ECU Tuning File services so you can remap your ECU File to the highest standards that is safe for your engine. With a select bank of Remap tuners, Remap Files can provide you with the best reliable custom tuned file for your remap. We can supply Remap files form the UK to EU and Worldwide.

Customer support is our priority and we here at Remap-Files will get back to within 1 hour. Remap Files offer Chiptuning files service for Stage1 Remap File, DPF Remap File off, EGR Remap File off, DTC Remap File off, AdBlue/SCR Remap File off, lamda Remap File off, intake/swirl flaps Remap file off, ECU Remap Files, All Tuning Files are custom made with 100% genuine software and hardware.


Remap Files What you need to do

Read the remap file from car with your master tool (KESS V2, FG TECHNOLOGY, CMD, ALIENTECH KTAG, BYTESHOOTER, MPPS, AUTOTUNER, DIMSPORT, and fill out remap file upload form and include any comments about what you require from your remap file,
Once we have received your remap files we will let you know when your tuned file is ready. You can make payment and we email the tuned remap file back.
We can add many options to your remap file, take a look at the file upload page for more options. All files are 100% custom tuned Remap Files that are bespoke to your needs.
Offering high quality Dyno Tested and Proven Remap files, We provide tuning files for all makes of ecu. All you have to do is upload your original ecu file for a fast, effective service. Let Remap files know your requests, e.g Stage 1 / Stage 2 / DPF off / EGR off.
Let Remap files edit your file to the highest standard using our combined tuning partners who have years of experience. When your ecu tuning file is ready for download, we will email you. We are currently supplying many tuners, hobby and professional with complete discretion.

ECU Remap File

Remap Files ECU Tricore


Remap Files are remapped by pro tuners with years of tuning experience

Remap files are tuned to your specification

Remap Files are 100% custom, we never use generic tuning files

Boost more power

Remap file more BHP


Remap files that are custom for any make and model of cars vans hgv trucks

Petrol, turbo, diesel, turbo diesel, Stage 1,2,3, DPF and EGR off, DTC removal

We can remap and tune your file for any stage with many additional options

Custom Remap files

Custom Tuned Files


Economy Remap up to 20% increase in MPG with more low down torque

ECO/Power Remap up to 8-12% increase in MPG with +30% Performance gains

Power Remap up to 40% gains in performance with improved MPG depending on driving style

100% custom remaps

Tuned to safe limits. No guessing, 100% custom

Quality Software

Winols, Swiftech, Map 3d, Race,ECM.  All software from our extended bank of tuners

Track Race

Race settings Max power, Lambda removal, TDC removal

Best Performance

Many add on options including:
Dual maps for sport button, Pop and Bang, RPM Limiter

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